The series “Spectrum and Stars” reflect the symbiosis between science and art, being these objective and subjective poles of the same great human endeavor, posing the union of both cultural expressions.

These works are made with spectroscopies of the stars they represent, which reveal before our eyes the distant and mysterious singularities of the stars. The celestial bodies leave their unique mark on the spectrum of light, being this trail captured by the spectrographs the only known method to see the farthest stars. The luminous surface that delimits the star emits the radiant energy which is send to space, being this spectrum read, deciphered and embodied in the series “Spectrum and Stars” to display a vision both scientific and poetic of the Universe.

(The stellar spectrography reveals the properties of stars and other celestial objects, such as their chemical composition, temperature, density, mass, distance, luminosity and relative motion using the Doppler effect. The electromagnetic radiation from the star is analyzed by its division by a prism or by a diffraction network, thus showing the rainbow of colors mixed with absorption or emission lines. Each set of lines located in certain colors of the spectrum indicate a chemical element.)


The artworks of “STARS” are 100 cm x 100 cm, 1/1 + A/C, done in VARNISHED ARCHIVAL GLICLÉE PRINT on CANVAS on ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE