“LES SOLEILS” evoke the journey of the sun from its maximum splendor high in the sky to dusk on its way to night. The light waves of the sun’s energy reflect like a mirror, bend like a prism or diffuse through the gases of the atmosphere, changing the color of the sky as the distance between the sun and the earth varies, creating rainbows, mirages and reflections.

“LES SOLEILS” is part of the series “Spectrum and Stars”, which reflects the symbiosis between science and art, being these objective and subjective poles of the same great human effort, proposing the union of the two cultural expressions.

This artwork has been exhibited at the Salon Comparaisons “La Vie en Instantané”, Art Capital 2022, Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris.

LES SOLEILS, triptych, is 80 cm x 250 cm (3 x 80 cm x 80 cm).